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ATAR Performance Practice Afternoon 2022

Sunday 31st July, 2.00pm-4.30pm

Presented in Conjunction with the UWA Conservatorium of Music.

Registrations are now open! Register here

Participants at the ATAR workshop are encouraged to perform one piece from their list of selected exam repertiore.

There will be a window of approximately 15-20 minutes to perform a piece in front of the panel and receive feedback depending on the number of participants.

We recommend that participants should carefully consider what repertiore they'd like to perform for the panel to optimise feedback for their own benefit. In some cases, performing a harder section of a peice, rather then the whole work may be more efficient.

For this event, the participant will need to bring along their music AS WELL AS the part for piano accompaniment.

There will be an accompanist provided at the event.

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