9.00am-2.30pm Sunday 20th June

Last chance for registrations (closing 3pm 19th June) Available here


CASSWA is excited to announce our annual ClariSaxFeast will again be at the UWA Conservatorium of Music on the 20th of June. We are excited to announce that CASSWA membership will come complimentary with registration for this event. After completing your registration, please ensure that you have completed the medical form, the link of which is provided after completing registration.


We have a very exciting program for this Sunday, organised in conjunction with the UWA Conservatorium of Music. We will be featuring some of Perth’s finest guest artists, who will be conducting our workshops, and performing in our concert with our participants. The running order of ClariSax Feast is outlined in the brochure attached.


For quick and efficient check in upon arrival, please follow these guidelines. We will have volunteers at each of these stages to assist you along the way.


  1. Follow our CASSWA signs to the UWA Conservatorium of Music and then sign in on the WA Covid Safe App.

  2. Participants or parents of participants check in with our desk by providing the first and last name.

    1. *If payment has not been completed - pay at the designated spot either via bank transfer - where you will need to show us a confirmation of payment - or with cash. The fee is $30 per participant.

    2. *If medical form has not been completed - complete the required Medical Form - this will be required if parents or guardians wish to leave their child on the premises in their absence.

  3. Proceed to collect your CASSWA lanyard - there is one printed for each participant. This will need to be worn throughout the duration of the the event.

  4. Proceed to Callaway Music Auditorium and set up your instrument. Wait for further directions.


In order to maximise experience for the event, participants should aim to arrive at UWA no later than 9.00am. Latecomers will be accepted, but please note that we will begin our address at 9.20am and start ensemble rehearsals at 9.30am on the dot. 


ClariSaxFeast 2021 will also be featuring stores from Tempest Music and The Cat and Fiddle Gifts during our registration hours (from 9.00am) and morning tea break (from 10.30am). We strongly encourage you to check these out in the times provided!!


Morning Tea and drinks are provided by CASSWA for all participants, and will run from 10.30am to 11.15am, however participants will be required to provide their own lunch. There will be a coffee van, courtesy of Lady Latte, on site during the lunch break (12.45pm-1.15pm)


Parents of participants under the age of 18 are not required to stay for the whole event providing that a medical certificate has been completed. Children can either be dropped off at the event, or left on the premises  Auditorium after steps 1-5 listed above have been finalised. All parents are more then welcome to stay for the entirety of the event.


The ClariSax Feast Concert is scheduled to start at 1.30pm, and we encourage audience members to arrive at during the lunch break. Please note that you will need to sign in to the UWA Conservatorium of Music on the WA Covid Safe App again if you have left the premises since the morning.


We do not have a specific dress code for this event and thus do not require participants to wear concert blacks or school uniform, however we do encourage participants to consider that they will be performing with others and use a common sense approach with their attire and presentation for the occasion (i.e avoiding poor hygiene or bare feet)


There is FREE parking available at UWA on a Sunday HOWEVER, please note that we cannot guarantee that ample spots will be available for the duration of the event - especially given the high number of registrations. There is additional parking along Hackett Drive and Matilda Bay, but please note that fees will apply, unless stated otherwise.


Due to the weather forecast for this event, we strongly recommend that participants only take their instruments out of their cases in an indoor setting. During the morning tea and lunch breaks, participants will need to leave their instruments indoors.


We look forward to seeing you Sunday!

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Annual ATAR Workshop, 

Term 3 - Date To Be Announced...

Registrations will be required.


In conjunction with the UWA Conservatorium of Music, CASSWA will once again be hosting an ATAR workshop this year.

ATAR students in year 11 and 12 are invited to come and play a piece of their exam material in front of a panel of professional players to get some feedback. An accompanist will be provided, however students must remember to bring a copy of their own music, as well as a part for the accompanist.

Please note that whilst this event is open to all WACE clarinet and saxophone students to attend we will need to prioritise Yr12 students for performance slots, subject to total registrations.